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Born out of Japanese literature

Introducing Dream Moonphase Kaguya.

About Us

Based in Japan, Wancher Watch was built from the base of a fountain pen company. At Wancher, we aspire to preserve heritage while paving our way to new innovations. Our goal is to create timepieces that are reliable, that last and that carry values of Japanese quality. Every watch that we bring to you has been designed and manufactured with the utmost quality, absolute precision, and true values.
Let's discover our collection and find out your favorite!

True Craftsmanship

Unveil the concealed worth lying within the exquisite timepiece of Wancher Watch.

Built with the finest materials and reliable movement, Dream Watch is our proud timepiece that embraces the true value of Japanese traditional art and reflects the aesthetics of craftsmen's work.

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Our Watch Promises

High Beat Automatic Movement & Precise Quartz Movement

We uses a wide range of automatic movement from Japanese movements to Originally made Chinese High Beat/Accuracy Movement 

High Grade Quality Materials

We uses only the highest grade of material to create our watches such as , Sapphire crystal, 316L Stainless steel case and carbon case, and from Stingray leather band to authentic calfskin leather strap 

Unique Design and Artistic Dials

We also work with the highest skilled urushi artisans to create bright , unique, and artistic Urushi dials featured in our Dream Watch collection

Fast International Shipping and Excellent Warranty Program

Every watch shipped from our HQ undergoes 5 days of critical testing ,  and every watch sold , receieves up to 1 year of free returns and refund