The origin of Wancher traces its journey back to the age of Gulf War back in the 1990’s when the president of the company, Taizo Okagaki was working on a research for ODA in Egypt. While working amidst the extreme conditions during this time, it was very hard for him to keep track of day. This was when he realized the true essence of time in life and slowly developed his keen interest in the time-piece we call watch. Soon he began his research on watches and vision of Wancher Watch emerged

Taizo Okagaki - President & Founder


WANCHER watches are meticulously crafted in Japan by Wancher and expertly assembled in Oita, Bungotakada, and China. Our primary focus lies in creating exquisite timepieces that embody the essence of Japanese philosophy, literature, and art. Each watch design is carefully infused with elements that celebrate and promote the rich heritage of traditional Japanese philosophy and literature, aiming to preserve its profound beauty and wisdom through our timepieces.


One of Wancher watch's primary objectives is to highlight traditional Japanese artistry and craftsmanship while providing support to artisans who have dedicated their entire lives to their craft. We aim to offer a platform for senior Urushi Artisans, many of whom do not have successors due to modernization, to showcase the fruits of their lifelong dedication to their art and craftsmanship. By sharing their masterpieces with people outside of Japan, we seek to enable others to appreciate and cherish their sacrifices while telling their remarkable stories.