This year, we aspire to create something truly unique for Chinese New Year – a watch that captures the joy of the celebration while showcasing the excellence of Japanese traditional craftsmanship. Join us as we invite you to witness our first-ever undisclosed process in the making of a dream watch, Urushi.

Come and See Our First Official Digital Rendering of the Watch

Black Urushi Maki-e Dial

Black Dragon (黑龙 - Hēi Lóng)

The black dragon is often associated with the North and the winter season in Chinese cosmology. It symbolizes strength, resilience, and the ability to overcome challenges. In some contexts, it may also represent mystery and the unknown.


Red Dragon (红龙 - Hóng Lóng)

The red dragon is often associated with the South and the summer season. It symbolizes passion, courage, and auspiciousness. Red is considered a color of good fortune and joy in Chinese culture, and the red dragon embodies these positive attributes.


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Chinese/Lunar New Year Special: The Making of Dream Dragon Watch

Chinese/Lunar New Year Special: The Making of Dream Dragon Watch

Posted by Taizo Okagaki on

Latest Update: 14th March 2024 

Our mission is to preserve the cultural heritage of Japan by creating and promoting watches that showcases the beauty and the craftmanship of traditional Japanese art. Dream Dragon started as an Idea to feature the work of Iwate Urushi Artisan Master Matsuzawa Takuo's long urushi technique that has been passed down from his family for generations! 

Urushi Maki-e is a traditional Japanese lacquerware technique used in the decoration of various objects, including but not limited to trays, boxes, and writing instruments. It involves applying multiple layers of urushi (a type of sap from the Japanese lacquer tree) onto the surface of an object, followed by the sprinkling or painting of powdered precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum onto the still-tacky surface. The design is then meticulously crafted using fine brushes or other tools. The result is a stunning and durable decorative piece characterized by its intricate patterns and shimmering metallic accents. Maki-e translates to "sprinkled picture" in Japanese, highlighting the technique's essence.

Master Matsuzawa Takuo: Urushi Master from Iwate Prefecture

Urushi Maki-e technique however varies accorss prefecture throughout japan. not only that they're unique and distict every prefecture but also different urushi artisan family may developed their own urushi technique that is uniquely different in terms of Urushi curation, how long to produce, strength, color, & finish.

A brief History of Master Matsuzawa Takuo and his Urushi Lacquer Studio

April 2009 : Takuo Matsuzawa retires from Iwate Prefecture employee and establishes Joboji Urushi Sangyo as a private business Urushi Lacquer House.

Matsuzawa Urushi Studio, founded in 2009 by Takuo Matsuzawa, is a new collective in the world of urushi lacquer art. He became enchanted with urushi while working as a local official promoting its production in Iwate Prefecture. Urushi is a natural sap with a history and culture spanning 9,000 years in Japan.


Master Matsuzawa Takuo: Urushi Master from Iwate Prefecture

Master Matsuzawa Takuo: Urushi Master from Iwate Prefecture

We proposed an Idea to Master Matsuzawa Takuo in the month of January 2024 to create a one of a kind Urushi Maki-e watch as a part of a special edition Dream Watch release to commemorate the Year of Dragon in the Chinese/Lunar New Year of 2024


Digital Rendering of Dream Dragon Urushi Maki-e Watch Wancher

The design of this extraordinary dial is a symphony of elements, each meticulously crafted to perfection. At its core lies a Gold Kinpaku Nuri, radiating opulence and elegance. Surrounding the dial is a mesmerizing illustration of a Gold Dragon, painstakingly hand-drawn with intricate details. The head of the dragon elegantly signifies the 12 o'clock position, embodying strength and grace.

To enhance readability and add a touch of refinement, the hour markers at 3, 6, 9, and 12 are adorned with mother of pearl raden, delicately cut into the shape of diamonds. This intricate detail not only enhances the functionality of the watch but also adds a captivating visual allure.

The dial itself is a work of art, featuring a Black Coated Urushi base overlaid with Red Coated Urushi, creating a rich and lustrous backdrop for the exquisite design. The combination of these materials adds depth and dimension to the dial, elevating its aesthetic appeal to new heights.

After months of anticipation, the moment has finally arrived. On the 14th of March 2024, the newly crafted Dragon Urushi Dial made its journey from Iwate to our office, ready to adorn our finest timepieces. With great pride, we present to you the latest update on the progress of this magnificent creation.

 Wancher Watch New Dream Dragon urushi Maki-e dial

Next In Progress Right Now: 

New Black Ororu + Gold Ororu 316L Stainless Steel Case + Special Custom Dream Dragon Wodden Watch Box

To enhance the overall watch experience, we are currently in the process of designing a special wooden box to accompany the presentation of The Special Edition Dream Dragon Urushi Maki-e Watch.

Designing the Box of Dream Dragon Urushi Maki-e Watch

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