Guaranteed Quality Control - Pre-shipment Quality Check

Wancher aspire to create products that can be used in generation after generation; therefore, quality control is one of our top priorities. Each watch will undergo a thorough inspection before leaving our office, from the watch movement, the build quality, to the final packaging. 

For every watch, 3-day of handling time will be needed. In addition, depending on their characteristic, for Automatic and Manual Wound movement, an extra 5 days of pre-shipment quality check is required. This will  give you - our dear customers and us reassurance and confidence that when you receive our watch, it will arrive in the top superb quality. To gurantee your satisfaction and control over our watch's quality we kindly ask for your patience and understanding over our order fullfilment process

We also want to be transparent with you about every step of preparation. Let’s come and take a look at the detailed progress of the pre-shipment quality check.

Day 1: Dial-up stage

  • Once the order is confirmed, the ordered watch will be removed from our stock and the pre-shipment quality check will begin.
  •  All watches are once again inspected for micro scratches or dents. 
  • Next, the watch will be fully wounded and placed flat on a flat surface for 24 hours. This process is called the dial-up stage where it mimics the common environment of the watch when not being used. The data of the time difference will be recorded after one full day.

Day 2: Automatic Winder Box (first time) - clockwise

  • The watch is set up in the automatic winder box and rolled in clockwise direction.
  • The data of the time difference will be recorded after one full day.

Day 3: Automatic Winder Box (second time) - counter-clockwise “Crown left”

  • The watch is put in the automatic winder box again at the “Crown left” position. Then, it is rolled in counter-clockwise direction This step mimics the watch being used on the left hands, the most common position of watch users.
  • The data of the time difference will be recorded after one full day.

Day 4: Timegrapher

  • All data of four days are summarized and calculated.The differences between four day of inspection will determine whether the movement’s accuracy is up to our standard or not.
  • The watch will also be measured in dial up, side, left, tilted position in a watch timegrapher
  • Watches with movement +/- 10 seconds a day will not be shipped.

Day 5: Demagnetization & Packaging

  • Qualified watches will be demagnetized and cleaned for the packaging and shipping process. 

In total, to fulfill one order will take around 7-14 working days with 5 days spent for pre-shipment quality check and around 3 working days to ship and to arrive at your door step!