Dream Watch

Preserving the traditions and heritage of Japanese traditional arts through our Dream Pens over the years, we are now ready to pursue our next goal of making Dream watches. With this collection aspire to make a timepiece that will serve the purpose of telling the user the time while relishing the true essence of the timeless beauty of traditional Japanese art in daily lives. Dream Watch is a timepiece that is powered with a reliable Japanese automatic movement, built with the finest materials, and carries a handcrafted watch face that reflects traditional Japanese craftsmanship, aesthetics, and spirituality.

True craftsmanship on your watch dial

True arts can only be created by true craftsmen and Dream Watch is not an exception. Each dial is lacquered by hands of Japanese traditional craftsmen in various places in Japan - homes of the traditional arts such as Wajima etc.

To complete a Dream Watch dial, it takes at least 4-6 months involving a process of multiple complicated steps. Only masters with many years of experience are qualified for this entire process and can create a watch dial of a strict and high-quality standard. And it worth noting that within the beauty of true art lies the utmost passion and sincere efforts of a true craftsman. 

Reliable Movement, finest architecture, and greater functionality

Each Dream Watch is equipped with a Hi-Beat 28800 automatic movement, shielded with a 316L stainless steel case and an advanced processed dome-shaped sapphire crystal windshield making it exceptionally reliable and durable. Furthermore, the watch is designed to withstand water resistance of up to 10 ATM in a stationary state making it even more proficient for daily use. The watch is equipped with a quick date setting and hacking function to simply adjust time and date maintaining timekeeping accuracy.

Dream Watch

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Urushi Raden Watch

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