Ranger IV Instruction Manual

Since the Ranger IV is based on the Seiko GMT NH34 movement, its setup and uses are nearly identical.

1. At the first position, this indicates that the watch is fully winded. 

2. At the second position, rotating the crown clockwise will result in manual winding while counterclockwise rotation will change nothing. 

3. In the third position (pulled out one click), rotating clockwise will affect the GMT hand, while rotating it counterclockwise would change the date setting. 

4. In the fourth position (pulled out two clicks), time setting clockwise and counterclockwise. 

What is GMT? 

GMT watches feature a 24-hour hand (see figure above), allowing you to see two different timezones. While a normal hour hand travels around the dial once every 12 hours, the GMT hand travels around the dial only once every 24 hours. For the Ranger IV Aka Fuji, the 24-hour bezel and the red gradient color indicates the rising and setting of the sun over the peak of Mt. Fuji. 

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