Dream Watch Instruction Manual 

Wancher Dream Watch Self Winding Mechanical

Setting the Time & Date 
To set the time & Date, follow the steps in the order given:
1. Unscrew the crown and then pull it out to the 3rd position. The seconds hand is stopped, allowing you to adjust the time to the precise second.
2. To change the date, pull the crown to 2nd position then turn the crown anti clockwise to change the date. Make sure you change the date when the hour and minute hands is in 6 ocklock to prevent jamming in the movement as you change the date. 
3. This watch features a self winding mechanism as well, hence you can manually wind the watch by positing the crown back to the 1st position and wind the watch clock wise. 

Please note that the Urushi Dial Dream Watch from Wajima, Echizen & Hirota Urushi Dream Watch utilizes the same Instruction manual