Kaguya Watch Instruction Manual 

Wancher Dream Watch Kaguya Automatic 31 Day Cycle Moonphase

• This watch features an Automatic movement Cal.7M01 with 31-Day cycle Moonphase complications
 • The dial on this watch is made our of high-grade mother of pearl raden dial
• This watch features three stopper crown position to change the hour, minute, and moon phase • You can manually wind the watch by turning the crown clockwise in a No.1 position / closed position
• The watch possesses a power reserve of up to 38 to 46 hours when fully wound. Meaning the watch will still operate up to 38-48 hours unused or unwound

To set the time:
1. PULL out crown to position No 3.
 2. TURN crown either way to correct time.
 3. PUSH back crown to position No 1.

1. PULL out the crown to position No 2.
2. TURN crown clockwise to correct Moon phase based on either Northern or Southern Hemisphere lunar cycle of the current month and year.
 3. PUSH in crown to position No 1

Dream Moon Phase Kaguya features a 31 Day lunar cycle moon phase complications. You can set the moon phase by matching the shape of the moon with the shape of the moon on your watch. Or you can set the moon phase based on a 31-day lunar schedule based on the months you’re in Judging on where you are on the planet you can determined a fixed moon cycle based on the Northern or Southern hemisphere lunar cycle. If you live above the equator which is, All North America, Europe, most of Asia, South America and Northern Africa then you can follow the Northern Hemisphere Lunar Cycle If you live below the equator which points downwards from the equator which includes Australia, Antarctica, South Africa, and South America then you can follow the Southern Hemisphere Lunar Cycle

Wancher Dream Watch Kaguya Moonphase Cycle
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