Wancher Chronograph
User Manual

Wancher Chronograph Watch Gunmetal 24 hour

To wind the main spring:
Rotate the crown in the 1 position clockwise until you feel resistance. Then stop. Do not over-wind. Wind daily for keeping accurate time. Watch will run about 40 hours on a full wind.

Setting time:
Pull out the crown from position 1 to 2. Rotate the crown until you reach the desired time. Turn hands clockwise only.

30 minute timer:
Unscrew button A and click down on button A to start the 30 minute stopwatch function. Click down again to stop and measure.

Reset timer:
Unscrew button B and click down on button B to reset the chronograph seconds hand and the 30 minute sub-dial back to zero.

An attempt to reset the timer while it is running will result in damage. Always stop the timer by
clicking pusher A before you reset the stopwatch function. 

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