Astronaut III - 24 hr Automatic Watch 
User Manual

Wancher Astronaut 3 24 hr Automatic Watch Rotating Bezel Beautiful

Setting the time & Date 
To set the time & Date follow the steps in the order given:
1. Unscrew the crown and then pull it out to the 3rd position. The seconds hand is stopped, allowing you to adjust the time to the precise second.
2. To change the date, pull the crown to 2nd position then turn the crown anti clockwise to change the date. Make sure you change the date when the hour and minute hands is in 6 ocklock to prevent jamming in the movement as you change the date. 
3. Set the reference time using the 24-hour hand by turning the crown in either direction. Setting the reference time also moves the conventional GMT hand (local time). For this reason, the reference time must be set before setting the GMT hand.

Point to consider: This watch is specifically designed as a 24-hour automatic watch, which means that the watch completes one full rotation in a day. This watch is different from your standard automatic watch. The dial of the watch is equipped with 24-hour marks. Therefore, you should not read this watch like a standard 12-hour watch. You need to read the watch specifically to locate the hour hand and get an accurate reading. Assuming that this watch operates like a 12-hour watch can sometimes confuse our customers, so please be mindful of the unique features of this watch.

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