Product Care

Watch Maintenance

To maintain your watch at best possible state, maintaining a clean luster of your watch occasionally will promise a better care for your watch. Use microfiber cloth when cleaning the luster, case, crown and etc. Except the leather strap, you can rinse the case and bracelet of your watch in a soapy water with soft brush occasionally. Firstly, before washing the watch, ensure the watch’s winding crown is properly and tightly screwed down to prevent possible water breaking in the case of the watch and to maintain waterproofing of your watch. Secondly, after using your watch for sea exploration or diving, make sure you rinse off any accumulated salt or sand deposit in your watch with fresh water.

Screwing down the crown to the case

The case of the watch aims to protect the watch from water and dust coming in hence Wancher watch is 100% waterproof and dust proof. All of our watches have waterproofing capabilities up to 100M to 1000M subject to usability of the watch. To maintain waterproofness of the watch however, it is crucial and important to seal the case properly by securing the crown is tightly screwed down and is not prone to shake off. Therefore, every time you are winding the watch manually to reset time and dates and etc. Make sure that the crown is again, tightly secured and screwed down until twisting it seems difficult.

Winding your watch manually

When you wear your watch daily, you don't need to wind it that frequently. However, if you take it off and put it aside the watch will retain its hand movement for some time, depending on the model of the watch. In case if you haven't worn your watch for couple of days and the watch has stopped it’s hand movement, we suggest that you manually wind it to set the time before putting it on. Your watch need a fully wound up before using.