Knowledge of the type of Leather belts

Since it has a lot of bony parts and is hard, it is mainly used from the jaw to the flank. It is used as a watch belt by taking advantage of the rounded scales on the and parts. Mostly swamps and rivers in South America and Central America.

It is the skin of the lower back of a horse, and the fibrous tissue is very dense unlike other parts. It has a beautiful luster and is twice as strong as cowhide. It is used for uppers and school bags of men's shoes.

A calf skin that is 6 months old or younger, has a very soft texture and can be processed in various ways such as embossing. About 6 months to 2 years is called a kip. (For over 2 years, it is called Rikiu.)

A lamb. It has a unique suppleness, the fibers on the surface are fine, and it is very soft, and it is familiar to the arm. It is also often used in clothing.