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Discover The Undiscovered

The name Wancher comes from an old Kanji - 萬佳 - which is pronounced same as /ˈwɑːntʃər/.
萬 (wan) means "everything" and 佳 (cher) means "beautiful" so Wancher signify everything and anything that is beautiful. Pursuing our vision of discovering of hidden arts, Wancher strive to recover and promote these hidden beauties to people all over the world as well as to support the many artisans who has devoted their lift to the art. 

"During the Gulf War, while watching the glittering sky under the empty earth and the vast starry sky, the sound of the watch ticking on was so real.
At that time, a feeling that the center of the universe was on my palm could be perceived. Such a natural experience was revived once again in India years later after observing a solar watch, where the first Wancher watch ideas emerged."

-Founder & president, Taizo Okagaki

Our Products

There is nothing than the origin is not in you

From Your room to the press conference Watcher got the style just for YOU! Time to Upgrade your icon! And be the best of yourself!
From leather watch to highly advanced simple designed stainless steel watch , we’ve got what you need! Neither in professional attire nor casual we’ve made that transition easy for you through
our beautifully crafted professional watches. Where ever you are and whatever you wear, Wancher watch is your best companion!

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Our mission

Wancher watches mission is to present a watch that can observe life, as simple as the dial of the momentary meter is seemed, the moment of time can be recognized. Showcase a watch that can be usable under severe conditions in various fields by becoming a support to the user, while we continue to evolve to support our users, our basic standards remains the same.