Wancher Legend
User Manual

Display Elements:

Setting time:
1. Pull the crown out to the position 2.
2. Turn the crown clockwise to set hour and minute hands to set the time.
Take a.m./p.m. into consideration when setting the hour and minute hands to the desired time.
3. Push the crown back to the position 1.

Setting the chronograph: 
The chronograph can measure up to 60 minutes in seconds. Time measured can be read with the
chronograph second and minute hands. To measure periods of time up to 60 minutes, follow these steps:
1. Press button " A " to start the chronograph.
2. The chronograph can be stopped to read the time measured and restarted as many times as
necessary by pressing the button "A".
3. Press button "B" to reset the chronograph. The chronograph minute and second hands return to
their starting position.

How to reset the chronograph:
This procedure should be performed when the chronograph second hand does not return to the 12 o'clock position.
1. Pull the crown out to the 2nd Click Position.
2. Press the button "A" once to set the chronograph second hand to the Zero position.
* The chronograph hand can be advanced rapidly by continuously pressing button "A".
3. Once the hands are set at Zero position, reset the time and return the crown to its normal position. 

How to use the Tachymeter:
The tachymeter scale measures the average speed of a moving object. Using the chronograph Start-Stop function, you can measure the time taken to travel 1km. The average speed can be read on the tachymeter scale. Ex: 1km traveled in 30 seconds = 120 km/h average speed.

How to use the telemeter:
The telemeter scale measures the distance traveled by a sound in a certain time. For example, using the chronograph Start-Stop function, you can measure the distance separating yourself from a thunder storm. Start the chronograph when you see the lightning and stop it when you hear the resulting thunder. The distance can be read on the telemeter scale. (Ex: 30 seconds measured = 10 km distance)