The Craftsmanship

Each Wancher Watch is crafted with great dedication through many months of process and hard work. With their lifelong passion for creating art, our artisans have experienced further and attempted to preserve the traditional values in products that will last for many generations to come. Therefore, more than a premium product with excellent quality, each watch is an exquisite artwork that embraces the precious 9000-year history and culture.
* Please note that we do not publish information or pictures of some artisans upon their requests.

Urushi Artisans


Master Taya is the former president (理事長) of Wajima Urushi Association (輪島漆器商工業協同組合) and the former owner of Taya Shikkiten (田谷漆器店) that holds a history of 200 years in making lacquerware products. With 63-year hands-on experience in lacquerware technique, Master Taya is one of the top Masters in Japanese lacquerware creation. Believing that "Once the traditional technique disappears, we cannot revive such valuable art", Master Taya has spent his whole life to master the lacquerware techniques and pass them to the next generations.


With many years of experience as a Maki-e artisan, Master Yamanoshita has created precious artwork not only on fountain pens but also on many other luxury lacquerware products. To Master Yamanoshita, every single maki-e product carries its own story and spirit which can bring luck, prosperity, and peace.

Master Hirota

Master Hirota now has more than 30 years of hands-on experience in making Urushi and Maki-e. Hirota's artwork focus on the stylish minimalism and durability of the objects. 

For many years, Master Taya and Master Yamanoshita have helped us to adopt the traditional art of Japan on our premium fountain pen models. With the passion to venture even further, this time, we are proud to work with them once again and develop all these beautiful techniques on wristwatches.

Watches by Master Tsutomu Taya and Master Yamanoshita.


Since more than 1500 years ago, Echizen lacquerware has been famous for its elegant look and its glossy, rich finish. From daily utensils to prestigious furniture, lacquerware crafted in this land is always a popular choice in many traditional household and formal events.

Being one of the first places where the technique of painting watch dial was developed in Japan, the outstanding techniques of Echizen artisans have been polished and matured through many generations. This time, with the help of highly skilled artisans from Sunyou lacquer house, we are proud to bring you these prestigious and traditional traits of Japanese Urushi to the Dream Watch collection.

Watches by artisans from Echizen, Japan.

Local Watch Makers

Besides our Urushi artisans, it is our honor to collaborate with local watchmakers who help us assemble and add a final touch to the final products, making sure to achieve the highest quality for each timepiece. With the Japan-quality mechanical movement, the Wancher Watch collections will not only promise you an elegant and robust look but will also serve you as a faithful companion with utmost precision in your daily life.

All Wancher watches are assembled in Japan.