Since the launch of Wancher watches, we have remained committed to never compromising on both the quality of our watches and our customer care, while maintaining an accessible price point.

We stand by this commitment with our two year warranty and 30 day returns policies. We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience with us and we know that this extends beyond your purchase itself.

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Wancher cases are intended to design and crafted as robust as possible so professionals can carry out their extreme missions. Cases are made from 316L antimagnetic stainless steel alloy to give utmost protection and developed to be impenetrable to water exposure and pressure. Our most advanced diver’s marine watch comes with automatic helium valve reverse rotation prevention bezel for easy handling under water and Helium gas is automatically discharged to the outside of the case. Due to the sudden pressure generated inside the case, the case and the draft helps to protect the watch from being damaged.


Wancher watches are the perfect harmony of elegance and robustness. All that became possible because of Japan quality precision and Wancher’s ambition in achieving perfection. From the curves in the bezel to the crown, hands and case-back are a supreme representation of art in metal crafting. The finishing of every watch is top notch and conveys the very essence of true craftsmanship in traditional watch making. Our production method includes numerous quality controls that applied to every step of the creation of the product. The strict quality control ensures that the product you have chosen will be as functional as beautiful it looks.

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Our premium watches has been developed at the heart of a mechanical self-winding movement. The mainstream of modern watches come in digital battery operated movements such as Quartz, Although, We pursuit to have no permanent battery replacement requirement for our premium watches. Certainly, the accuracy of mechanical watches is limited to digital watches or quartz but not at risk of running out of batteries. Our vision is to obtain accuracy and security in Japanese standard. So, the movement should be of a Japanese manufacturer. Alternatively, the base movement is made in Switzerland.


The hands and indexes are even brighter than ever comparing to any luminous functions available in the market. Wancher watches come with “superluminova” (made in Switzerland) to check the time in the dark places and “superluminova” provides outstanding visibility. The phosphorescent pigments “superluminova” are often called “Lume” which operate like a light battery. After sufficient activation by sunlight or artificial light, they glow in the dark for hours. Larger markings are visible for the whole night. Our professional watches are one of brightest for pilots and military divers to challenge the limits of watches in the sea or air for better visibility.

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