Introducing the latest iteration to Wancher Watch's Dream Watch collection, The Dream Moon phase Kaguya. Designed in-house with inspiration from Traditional Japanese Folklore, Kaguya story.

Commit and make your pledge to support our project below and you will receieve exclusive rewards, and exclusive price for the first few backers. The project will be live from the end of October so add your email below to be added to our Pre-Order list and Email notification for when the project is LIVE TONIGHT 12AM JST and 27th October 11AM EST

Meet The Watch

This Kickstarter project is the first affordable Dream Watch with the complete and added feature to the standard Dream Watch in Wancher Watchs collection. And the project will also feature our latest watch's whole description,  design philosophy, rewards, exclusive price and .....

For the first 15 People who backed our project will receieve a Special Discount code and coupons that can be used multiple times accross both Wancher Watch website and Wancher Pen.  These Coupons are filled with special give aways coupons, free shipping coupons, and exclusive discounted products (Wancher Pens and Wancher Watch)

Dream Moon Phase - Kaguya Product Page 

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